Look What I Found!!!!

I needed a travel mug my is in New Jersey at the house. So I went to Jamaica Ave in Woodhaven, Queens. I go to the hardware store that locals go since Lewis of Woodhaven closed a number of years ago. It run by the funny Chinese man who wears a hat with a big feather like he is going to climb the Alps. The place is a mess but it’s part of the fun as you go up and down the narrow dusty corrdiors. I follow up front I could believe my eyes a real Themos made 20 Yeats ago in the states!!! Yes!!!! Not made in China just before Wal-Mart made the company to drop it’s prices by a penny to beat Caldors or Bradley’s . It’s the right size it can carry 10oz. Of hot or cold beverages. Can’t microwave like the one at home but this can work for now to travel around South Queens and still drink good coffee.



What’s with this coffee!!!!

I was with a group of friends last week sitting in a diner in Queens. My friend takes a slip of his coffee makes a face the way a kid would refuse to eat veggie. “Hey! This coffee tastes like it was brewed though a sock!
We looked at him. He is a great eater knows a thing or too about a good place to than a bad place. The witness takes the cup away minutes later brings back a new cup. It’s diner coffee brewed around the clock.
“So how was the burger?”
“O.k! Had better.”

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It’s no secret that I love coffee. Over the past couple of years my relationship with coffee has gone to a whole new level. We used to be just friends who would meet every once in a while and only when I was really tired. Also, I never really let coffee be itself around me. I always forced it to take on different appearances and flavors. I never allowed it to be who it really was. It was a very selfish relationship.

Things have changed now. I’ve repented of my ways and really feel like coffee and I have gotten to a level of our relationship that we can both be proud of.

Coffee represents something much stronger to me than flavor.

Even now as I write this I’m staring a 5lb bag of coffee that the coffee club I helped start (Raleigh Coffee Club) purchased for an…

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I had no choice

I had no chose and got a can of coffee in the land of bad in South Queens.
I didn’t realize how spoiled I was having fresh coffee from my beloved coffeehouse in Maywood, NJ. I taste. The staleness in bad coffee. I don’t know how people can drink it not knowing how bad their coffee is. Yuck!!!!


Looking For Keys

My mom fell hitting her head she end up in Jamaica Hospital , Queens my family has a history of landing on the care of Jamaica Hospital . I know how use the back entrance to get into the building. My mom is in the ICU tubes sticking in and out saving her life. But that is not the story I am telling. This adventure started late, late , in the night my mom is placed in a room. I noticed her clothes , usually placed in plastic bags are not in the room. This is the icu the nurses staff looking at each patient. I tell them her clothes are not here. They call down to Trauma ER they don’t call back. My closest friend and watch my mom , she can’t talk. The hours go by. It’s super late so we go to the desk and ask again. Her clothes are not there. They call again. The staff talk that the system is broke when patients are wheeled from the ER to beds and not the clothes. So I tell them I need her keys to get into her house in Woodhaven. She got new storm doors and I didn’t have the key to unlock that door but the ten others I did.
My dad died in this hospital due to lung cancer over 20 years ago. My mom stayed for over a week after being on a car accident eight years ago. So this place is special to me.
So the nurse calls down to trauma. We tell them maybe we can go down stairs and find in ourselves . Do you remember what the nurse downstairs looks like? Yeah tall lady nice. So we go downstairs back into the ER to the Trauma room there is her clothes. We go back upstairs go into the waiting area with the worst seats. Open up the bags find her purse look around no keys. Oh her valuables are in the safe in security . So we go back to the desk and the nurse rolls her because we have fill out paperwork and another call but to Security. There is this play footsie with me thing going all I want is to go to bed. The nurse comes with us downstairs the man teases the nurse saying he’s not going to help. Bursting chops. We start begging that we are from Jersey and just want my moms things to find her keys to open the Fort Knox of 95th Street. We get her thing to realize the are not there. I wondered if they got lost so my friend and I dump all her things and search for the keys. I go though her coat. My opens every pocket of this handbags and heard keys but can’t firgue where they are. Finally they are found so we drive to 95th street. I unlock the first door but have trouble with the keys and end-up tripping the alarm at 5 in the morning. I didn’t get to sleep sometime by 7 but awaken by phone calls at 9.