Reckless Driving in Maywood

I think it was seven years ago when Maywood NJ decided to improve West Pleasent Ave the shopping district of Maywood. Once construction got started something unusual happened a few times a week motorist would lose control of their cars and end up jumping over the curbs of West Pleasent Ave. and slamming into the shops and buildings. You would be walking from the Post Office to the Bank and hear a car engine speed-up, boom and people running. I was sitting in my favorite coffeehouse by the window drinking Half World Away, roasted by Bob Funk. I watched as the madness unfold as an old lady in a white sedan got confused thinking the gas petal is the break jumps the curb and slammed into the Post Office. The front enter was gone, help came right away to get the dizzy old lady out of her wreck. Post Office appeared to be fine no damage. Hour or so later I don’t remember but the husband the dizzy white curly hair lady, with no expression, or remorse collected his wife put her into his Crown Victoria and drove away. I don’t think I ever saw them again.


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