Where did the name Moon Doggie come from

Someone asked me where did the CoffeeHouse in Maywood, NJ got it’s name: Moondoggie. 

I think the confusion comes from with two people who come the coffeehouse. One is a lady with a seeing-eye-dog, it’s a working dog that helps her to walk around town and is aloud in public spaces. Then there is the very skinny man, sometimes appears unwashed, who sits outside in the good weather in the Big Blue Adirondack Chairs, (he knows not to sit back, he can get stuck). People stop talk to him and pet his hounds (they are Labrador mix! He calls them hounds!)They ask him all the time if he’s the owner. (We think he says yes to strangers.)

The Real Story is the name is from a movie called Gigit from the early 60’s Moondoggie is Gigit’s boyfriend.  Donna Funk (the Real owner) had a Basset Hound named Dallas.  When there was a full moon the dog would insist to go on the back deck and howl at the moon.  That is how they got the name of the Coffeehouse: Moondoggie.  It’s Basset Hounds! Not Labrador Mixes, Or the Seeing-Eye-Dog Or someone’s Yorkie.  Basset Hounds!!!!


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