The Strange Things I Have Seen At the CoffeeHouse

There is a girl who comes into the coffeehouse buys a cup of coffee, goes over adds milk, sugar, puts a lid on the cup and shakes it to mix the sugar and milk before adding coffee. When she adds coffee, shakes the cup again takes a sips, adjusts her concoction either more coffee, sugar or milk, takes another sip and, smiles leaves the coffeehouse.

A customer came in and tells the girl behind the counter:

“I am not a coffee drinker, but I love to smell of the coffee beans.”

The girl behind the counter sold the women 60 cents of coffee beans to the non-coffee drinker to sniff like a scented candle.

Every night before closing someone calls and to ask when the coffeehouse is closing for the night.  There are discussions who this person could be.

Half-Days, means the CoffeeHouse is packed wall-to-wall with students that walk down the shopping district and into the store.  I always feel bad who is working behind the counter.

The Quite Man,  comes everyday gets coffee drinks and look out window then leaves comes back the next day repeats.

My favorite are the customers don’t realize until they take a cookie it’s for dogs not humans.

“Oh?  These are for dogs?  I thought they were people? “

It’s funny what you see at a coffeehouse



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