I Must Confess I Was A Tea Drinker

It was a long time ago middle school, high school and college I drank tea. Yes it pains me to confess on a blog that talks about coffee and other things. I drank tea with my grandmother,parents, friends,and birthday parties I drank many cups of tea. I started with Orange Pekcoe in bags then switched to loose using a big tea ball to brew in a tea pot. My friends and I would bounce from house to house sitting in the kitchens or dining rooms drinking tea, laughing when the caffeine kicked in. Stir right, stir left as we sat with our spoons in our cups and saucers. The cookies and cakes!

Then there was my Earl Grey, and English Bands phase. I was a teen it was the 80’s, who didn’t wear their high, like a lion’s mane, and shoulderl
pads, lots of make-up. For a week I faked an English accent while living in Queens. The buzz I got from drinking tea made me do weird things.

In college due to stress I discovered herbal tea that helped me the relax from studying. But the years of drinking tea were taking a toll on me. I suffered with stomach problems, gas, my nerves shot from pressure, nights of tossing and turning worrying will I finish college. I need that degree in Fine Arts. I was going to be this great artist, director,and singer. Yeah.

Green tea! Yes! I did it too. The worst when a friend and I were at a tea shop in Flushing, Queens we sat and served small cups of green tea. I don’t remember much, but we talked fast, my hands and foot rattled from the caffeine high. I didn’t sleep for three days.

Suddenly the tea was not working to keep me up and going though the day. I would get this bad mid-day slump, (I fell asleep at my desk). At this point I working in the city. Everyone in my office would ask:

“Have you drank the coffee? Is it good? How’s the coffee? Is it fresh?,When was that pot made?”

I couldn’t answer my co-workers or clients who came in I drank tea. Until one bone cold winter day I had my first cup of coffee. I had this jolt and I got my work done and stayed awake. Tea drinking? I kicked that to the curb. MD


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