Look What I Found!!!!

I needed a travel mug my is in New Jersey at the house. So I went to Jamaica Ave in Woodhaven, Queens. I go to the hardware store that locals go since Lewis of Woodhaven closed a number of years ago. It run by the funny Chinese man who wears a hat with a big feather like he is going to climb the Alps. The place is a mess but it’s part of the fun as you go up and down the narrow dusty corrdiors. I follow up front I could believe my eyes a real Themos made 20 Yeats ago in the states!!! Yes!!!! Not made in China just before Wal-Mart made the company to drop it’s prices by a penny to beat Caldors or Bradley’s . It’s the right size it can carry 10oz. Of hot or cold beverages. Can’t microwave like the one at home but this can work for now to travel around South Queens and still drink good coffee.



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