With Today’s Coffee

Some days are crazier than others for instance a few of the conversations at the coffee shop today were. Talking about M.A.S.H. episodes and of course I actually knew the names of the episodes I know a lot of useless information. Of course the topic of the pope came up what does the white and black smoke mean. I of course being a wise ass said the black smoke was the smoke monster from the TV show “Lost”. White smoke may have been from “I dream of Jeanie” or was that pink? Now the fun or really crazy part. A woman who comes in from time to time who we shall call “The Alien Lady” who comes with her fresh green tin foil hat dressed like a huge lima bean. The poor guy is getting a drink and is on the phone well the alien lady thinks he is talking to her the whole time he is on the phone about 10-15 minutes he could not run out fast enough. She now proceeds to tell us the owners should have wooden stirrers instead of plastic stirrers because they are better for the planet she did not say if she meant hers or ours. She then asks all 5 people in the store the weather for tomorrow and disagrees with everyone. I am not even going to go into the 3 experts who insist on telling me what the owners need to do to pick up business. Why don’t they actually tell the owners well you would have to ask them.

This one makes me sick one of the experts brings up washing their hands don’t recall why but anyway one of them then says and I quote “I don’t believe in washing my hands I let the germs live”. Sure hope he was kidding but if you knew who I was talking about well you would not be shocked. Very important HE DOES NOT NOR HAS HE EVER OR WILL EVER WORK THERE. That is enough rambling for today.




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