Sitting With Friends

So, I was sitting with my friends at Moondoggie Coffee in Maywood NJ we talked about what was going on in our lives.  What was surprising how many women we saw at least ten or more from old to young who couldn’t walk in there high heels, it was like watching, Silly Walks, the famous Monty Python sketch while looking out the big windows of the coffeehouse.  One looked like she was walking on hot coals, second one was on her tippy-toes, the young one looked like a horse in her Lady GaGa like shoes.  My favorite is the women who looked like a duck, butt is in one direction the feet in another like a back ache, but it was the height of the shoes that made these women contort their bodies. 

Alert!!! Alert!!! There is a sighting of the Alien Lady!!!!!  She is parking her car!!!!

The kid behind the counter runs to see if there is almond milk.  There is a handful of people who have issues with their stomachs can’t handle the gluten.  Alien Lady did come in and saw three people on the line and walked out.  She couldn’t make her Grand Entrance rambling about people and places thinking we understand her plus dressed in green head-to-toe. Alien Lady!!!

I drank my favorite mix of medium blend and Almond Joy flavored coffee it’s the best of both get the kick of the medium blend with a flavor sipping, talking with my friends.. I look out the big windows to see an old man wearing a  hat and sunglasses run across West Pleasent Ave and almost got hit by a car.

Maybe the old man should have taken off the sunglasses on a cloudy day to see better before crossing the street.  Amazing!!!!!!


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