Not With Friends

I got tied of having afternoon coffee in the house, the winter mix storm we had in East Coast cleaned. I am getting that cabin fever feeling that happens at this point of the year. So I drove from Woodhaven, Queens to Scoops on Cross Bay Blvd, Ozone Park. The style of the cafe is modern clean lines everywhere. When I go to a new cafe I like to try their Cappuccino but there is a problem either the machine or the woman behind the counter using the machine, so I ordered a large coffee instead and a mini cheesecake . The coffee is medium body it’s not strong but I can taste staleness in the brew they must buy bulk commercial vs artisan coffee. The mini cheesecake was a treat its something I would not normally eat creamy with a strawberry that still had so frost to it. There is a self serve soft ice cream and yogurt and a selection of toppings. They do crepes sweet to savory. Next time I should try a protein shake or bubble tea. But I truly want bubble tea it is worth the trip to Main Street Flushing and go to Chatime they are the best and a wide selection of bubble tea concoction. Now the sky is cleaning watching the traffic of the mighty Cross Bay Blvd and think how it influence a great writer who lived in this neighborhood that is Jack Kerouac. I don’t think peopl



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