The Big Event

My mom has lived on her house on 95th Street, Woodhaven, Queens since 1965. It’s attached row house my dad died of lung cancer in 1990. I can count the number of times my mom had a yard sale one and was a teenager at the time. Yesterday beautiful sunny Saturday was the second. We and the next door neighbors sat out late morning until after two and just made a few bucks. I grew-up on this block it was fun to sit and talk and watch what has become the new neighbors who toss out dirty diapers from their mini-van trying to be friendly buying my mom’s old snow shoves. Our other neighbor bought my mom’s many teapots. I was hoping to sell the perfectly preserved barbecue that stays in my mom’s basement and throw the out bags of charcoal for free. Instead sold the open bags of charcoal for two bucks. It’s a start to get fifty years of collected things out of the house. This is a differcult time in my life. My mom moving from a place that has always been there for me my tara, my stomping ground still, my childhood home. Woodhaven, Queens. You hipsters, bloggers should check it out it’s the other side of Atlantic Avenue before the airport. Next week we are planning another yard sale come.




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