Lunch with Ma!

My mom has been through a lot this year.  She has started to go back for Physical Therapy, in Howard Beach, Queens.  I discovered a place called Sugar Bun, it been there forever.  It’s a great place for a quick lunch, breakfast and it has a good bakery, the coffee, ice tea flows non-stop.  So the last two weeks I took my mom after her sessions.  It’s good for her to walk, she is getting stronger. At 76 years of age she is not worrying about her weight.  The Doctor and I just shook our heads and rolled our eyes.  My mom is blessed with a great metabolism, she can eat anything, naturally skinny, now she wants to count calories?

So at lunch she has a chicken wrap, I had a BLT it’s a good way to test a new place or order a burger.  We ate then I hear.  “Is that the paper?”  “No. It’s the wrap.” She cuts it with a knife and fork, I look the other way when I eat out in public with my mom.  Uses a knife and fork with pizza, dessert, lobster, the table rocks back and forth as she hacks into food.

I told her you getting stronger and this month your going to be moving around more, take walks, do the exercises that the Therapies showed you. It’s easier to talk to the wall than her sometimes.

Well if you are driving through Howard Beach, Queens stop into Sugar Buns to get a wrap or sandwich or cake.




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